USS Mississinewa AO-59

Teen book, Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story, written by Ron Fulleman brings splashes of history into a modern ghost story.

Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story
by R. Fulleman

Inspired by the many stories in the sinking of the USS Mississinewa.

Young Cam and his father SCUBA dive on the sunken WWII ship his grandpa served upon. The ship was sunk amidst burning oil in 1944, killing 63-men. Diving on the wreck requires local guides, but Cam was lucky and an attractive island girl his age, Vera, was his underwater guide. It was Vera’s job to keep Cam safe and outside the dangerous wreck. But when an unknown force calls to Cam, he ends up in the ship retrieving a shiny object. Not wanting his parents to know he broke the rules by going inside the ship, Cam must survive fiery apparitions alone while finding out the secrets of that object as it changes not only his life but the lives of others.

As an added feature of the book, a second story, Faces in the Flames: The True Story is included. It is a non-fiction account of the WWII ship, USS Mississinewa (AO-59). This short, non-fictional account highlights the actions of ten sailors as they struggled to abandon the blazing ship and a few who work to rescue them.Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story can be ordered through Amazon.

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  1. I wrote this book, in part, to bring the actual story of the Mississinewa to the general public and in particular to younger readers who might only be intrigued by a fictional ghost story. I think they will find a story of courage, duty, and family.

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