USS Mississinewa AO-59

The Crew

This table shows the current known status of all the sailors who served aboard Mississinewa by: Last Name, First Name, Rank/Rating, Current Status, D.O.D., Plank Owner Status, Photo. If your relative served aboard the USS Mississinewa AO-59 and you have a portrait of them from the 1940s, please share it with us so it can be posted by their name. As of 24Nov2021, 142 sailors have had their photos added to their information. Use the Contact Us form to contact the webmaster.

*Ratings/Ranks shown are from the date of reporting aboard USS Mississinewa AO-59

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Last NameFirst NameRatingStatusD.O.D.Plank OwnerPhoto
BECKPhilip G.Comdr.Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
2/5/72Philip Beck, Cmdr.
LEWISRobert E.Lieut.Deceased3/15/87Robert Lewis, Lieut.
ROWERobert L.Lieut.Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
12/3/44Robert Rowe, Lieut.
GILBERTErnest L.Lieut.Deceased1/13/88Gilbert, Ernest L., Lieut.
HALPERHoward P.Lieut.Can not find 
KUHNWilliam E.Lt. (jg)Deceased Kuhn, William E., Lt(jg)
WILSONWallace M.Lt. (jg)Deceased11/20/44Wallace Wilson, Lt. (jg)
ATKINSON WilliamLt. (jg)Deceased11/20/44
FULLERJames A.Lt. (jg)Deceased4/5/80James Fuller, Lt. (jg)
SCOTTCharles S. Jr.Lt.(jg)Deceased Charles Scott, Lieut.
STUTZMANFrederic H.Lt.(jg)Deceased2/23/82Stutzman, Frederic H., Lt.(jg)
BROWNWilliam A. Jr.EnsignDeceased6/14/90
BIERLEYJohn R.Leuit.Sailor Found/
Now Deceased
8/23/2013Dr. John Bierley, Lieut.
ALLENHerbert R.Lt. (jg)SCDeceased11/20/44Herbert Allen, Lt. (jg)SC
MEIRIDERJohn J.Ch. ElectDeceased11/13/80
DOUNING George A.Ch. Mach.Can not find 
WALSHClarence E.Bos'nDeceased10/25/79
SKIBBEBernard C.Pay ClkDeceased2/17/75Skibbe, Bernard C., Pay Clk
McCOLLISTERCharles F.EnsignDeceased12/7/74 Charles McCollister, Ensign
METCALFDonald E.EnsignDeceased11/15/74 
CANAVANP. F.EnsignSailor Found/
Now Deceased
  P. Frank Canavan, Ensign
ADKINSONCharles E.CEM (AA)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
5/13/97Adkinson, Charles E. CEM(AA)
AIMETTIAngelo (n)S2cDeceased10/30/90
AKERMANNHarry A.S2cDeceased11/20/44
ALLREADKenneth W.MM1cDeceased5/1/66
APPLEGATEWilliam F.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
ASPINALLThomas (n)F1cDeceased4/11/93Thomas Aspinall, F1c
ATHERTONRichard A.S1cDeceased3/23/81
ATKINSJohn E.FC3cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased2/27/96Jack Atkins FC3c
BAILEYWaldo E.S1cDeceased4/24/61 
BARGEJohn P.S2cDeceased12/7/91
Howard J.
S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/11/2018Howard Bassingthwaite, S2c
BAUGHERClyde L.SC3cDeceased8/21/97
BAUMERTDonald C.S2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased7/14/00Baumert, Donald C., S2c
BAYAKJohn A.PhM3cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
1/21/07John Bayak, PhM3c
BAZZLELuther A., Jr.SC(B)3cDeceased12/6/80Bazzle, Luther A. SC(B)3c
BEAUZYJack E.MM2cCan not find 
BEAZLEYRobert M.Y2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
BEILOUNYLouis E.S1cDeceased2/10/99Louis E. Beilouny, S1c
BELLAlfred D.M1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
12/12/99Al Bell, M1c, with one of his Indian motorcycles.
BLAZINAMartin E.FC3cDeceased11/7/92
BOCHOWHoward A.F1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
10/12/88 Howard Bochow, F1c
BODTKEThomas D.GM3cDeceased11/20/44 
BOUTIETTEHarold K.F1c(MM)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
 Harold Boutiette F1c 2
BRADYNicolas T.BM2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/25/2016Nicolas T. Brady, BM2c
BRAUTIGAMRobert W.RM3cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/9/2015Robert Brautigam, RM3c
BRUECKMANPeter J.F2cDeceased7/5/69
BROWNJoseph (n)StM1cDeceased11/20/44
BROWNRobert (n)GM3cDeceased10/1/77
BRZYKCYFlorian, M.F2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
10/?/98Florian "Bill" Brzykcy, F2c
BURKENorbert D.S1c(SK)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
5/17/88Norbert Burke S1c (SK)
CAISONHarry P.StM2cDeceased11/1/81Caison, Harry P. , StM2c
CAPLINGERFred L.SK1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/10/14Fred Caplinger SK1c
CARELLIVincent W.CoxDeceased11/7/73Vincent Carelli, Cox
CARLSONClemence R.S1cDeceased11/20/44 
CASSStewart E.GM1cCan not find Stewart Cass, GM1c
CASTLEHardy V.S2cDeceased5/?/77
CHODZINEugene F1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/20/44 Chodzin, Eugene, F1c
CHURCHGeorge A.F1c(MMR)Deceased5/7/67
CIEMIEGAFrank M.S2cDeceased12/24/75
CLARKGordon L.EM1cDeceased8/27/61
CLARKJohn C.GM2cDeceased1/15/84 John Clark, GM2c
CLAYTONMarion F.MM2cDeceased10/20/85
CLELANDJames V.SC3cDeceased12/31/89 
COCHRANMartin T.F1cSailor Found 
COLLIERWilliam H.F2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
COMBSLloyd (n)F1cDeceased8/?/46
CONNELLYCharles T., Jr.S2cCan not find Charles Connelly, S2c
CONNERYJames J.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
6/11/2016James J. Connery, S2c
CONNORSRobert G.S2cCan not find 
CONRADWarren C.WT1cDeceased3/13/1988
CONTENDOJoseph S.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
COOKRoland G.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
COOLEYEugene G.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
1/20/09Eugene Cooley, S2c
COOPERFrederick W.,Jr.SF1cDeceased1/9/81Frederick Cooper, SF1c
CORIAEdward R.S2cCan not find 
CORRADOAlphonse (n)S2cDeceased8/25/07
CORRAROMichael R.S2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased9/18/92Michael R. Corraro, S2c
CORREIAFrank T.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
1/8/2017Frank Correia, S2c
COSTAAndrew J.S2cDeceased12/26/93
COSTELLOJohn A.S1cDeceased11/20/44
COTEGaston J.S1cDeceased11/20/44Gaston Cote, S1c
CRANEJames J.S2cDeceased11/6/91
CRAWFORDDavid H.S2cDeceased6/19/84
CROSSFrederick T.S2cDeceased11/30/88
CROTTYFrancis P.MM2cDeceased10/25/71
CUEVASFernando (n)S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
9/11/2010Fernando Cuevas, S2c
CUMMINGSLeo S.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/17/2002Leo S. Cummings, M3c
CUNNINGHAMJames A.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
8/4/2017Jim Cunningham, S2c
CURRANEdwin B.S2cCan not find 
CURRANPatrick (n)S2cDeceased11/6/76
CURRYHal C.S2cDeceased5/?/61
CURTISEarl W.S2cDeceased11/20/44
CUSCIONEAnthony J.S2cDeceased11/2?/44
CYBULSKIFrank J.S2cDeceased2/17/2003
DADURAAndrew (n)S2cDeceased10/28/78Andrew Dadura, S2c
D'AGOSTINOAnthony L.S1cDeceased11/20/44
DAIRRaymond F.RM2cDeceased1/12/85 
DAITCHHerbert (n)S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
9/16/2014Herbert Daitch, S2c
DALZELLEdward A.S2cCan not find 
DANIELCalvin C.StM1cDeceased11/20/44
D'ANNAJohn J., Jr.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
10/11/2006 John D'Anna, S2c
DARCYEdward M.S2cDeceased10/10/44Edward Darcy, S2c
DAUPHINEJames W.S2cCan not find 
DAURIAEnrico V.S2cDeceased11/27/85
DAYAlexander (n)MM2cDeceased5/18/92
DE MARCORocco(n)S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/16/2000Rocco De Marco, S2c
DE ROSAPeter(n)S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
10/9/2003Peter De Rosa, S2c
DE SANTISJoseph S.S2cDeceased11/2?/44De Santis, Joseph S., S2c & Salvo
DE SCISCIODominick L.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
12/9/2002Dominick De Sciscio, S2c
DECHAMPLAINAurele J.S2cDeceased1/5/81
DECKERGeorge E.S2c(RM)Can not find 
DECKERHiram J.CMM(PA)Deceased?
DEENJacob B.CQM(AA)Deceased7/2/53Deen, Jacob B., CQM(AA)
DEGNANFrancis M.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
DELANEYPaul M.MoMM2cDeceased11/16/63
DELANEYRobert M.S2cCan not find 
DELET-KANICLawrence (n)S2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased Lawrence Delet-Kanic, S2c
DELIOJohn S.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/15/07John Delio, S2c
DELRENicholas E.S2cDeceased1/27/80
DEMKOAmos .S2cDeceased11/2?/44Amos Demko, S2c
DEMMIJoseph (n)S2cDeceased11/20/44
DENNEHYWilliam F.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
DENNISDavid E.S2cDeceased11/20/44David Dennis, S2c
DEUSEJames S., Jr.S2cDeceased3/16/95
DEVEAUJoseph D.S1cDeceased11/20/44
DI FONDIEugene A.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
7/16/76Eugene Di Fondi, S2c
DI FRESCOMathew (n)S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
DI MAUROLeonard S.S2cCan not find 
DI NUBILADanny (n)S2cCan not find 
DI SARLIArmond A.S2cDeceased2/12/74Armond Di Sarli, S2c
DIETZFrancis A.GM2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/20/44Francis Dietz, GM2c
DILLONWilliam B.S2cDeceased5/22/81 
DINEENBernard A.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
10/15/2000Bernard Dineen, S2c
DIXONClyde E.SM2cDeceased4/9/77
DOBLIXStanley J.S2cDeceased6/29/84Stanley J. Doblix, S2c
DOLANRobert G.S2cCan not find 
DREXLERHoward J.F1cCan not find 
DUNCANRobert J.SK2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/3/2006Robert Duncan, SK2c
DUTTONDick O.RM1c (T)Deceased9/?/98 Dick Dutton, RM1c(T)
EARLMalcolm D.F1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
ELKINSJames W.F1cCan not find 
ELLISAlbert N.F1cCan not find 
EPPINGERMelvin N.F1c(MM)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
6/30/78Melvin Eppinger, F1c(MM)
FORDCarl W., Sr.F2cCan not find 
FOSTERLawrence E.WT1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
4/24/66Lawrence Foster, WT1c
FRITZLloyd G.GM3cDeceased7/26/87Lloyd Fritz, GM3c
FULLEMANRaymond G.WT2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
9/24/2009Raymond Fulleman, WT2c
GALLAGHEREmmet T.RM1cCan not find 
GENGENBACHWilliam R.CMM(AA)Can not find 
GILLESPIEJames B.S1cDeceased11/20/44 
GIMMESONWilliam A.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
12/5/99 Bill Gimmeson, S2c
GIRARDGeorge J.S2CDeceased11/20/44 
GIRGAAndrew T.S2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased6/2/64 Andrew Girga, S2c
GIRTJohn V.S2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased9/6/2000 
GIVENSEarl T.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
12/8/2005 Earl Givens, S2c
GLASERLawrence H.SM1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
GLASSRethel L.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
GLASSBURGAsa W.S2cDeceased11/20/44 
GLAVIANOSam J.S2cDeceased10/2/92 
GLAZERHerman B.S2cDeceased12/25/87 
GLEANDuire (n)StM1cDeceased11/20/44Duire Glean, StM1c
GLEASONJames J.S2cDeceased11/20/44 James John Gleason, S2c
GLEASONJames M., Jr.S2cCan not find  
GLENDENINGRayS2cFamily Found/
Now Deceased
11/20/44 Ray Glendening, S2c
GLENNJames A.S2cCan not find  
GLENNWilliam A.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
6/19/76 William Glenn, S2c
GOISTDavid M., Jr.S2cDeceased10/15/77 David Goist, S2c
GOLDENSeymour H.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
3/20/2006Seymour Golden, S2c
GOLDSBERRYBilly L.S2cDeceased5/15/70 
GOLDSMITHKennethS2cDeceased11/20/44 Goldsmith, Kenneth, S2c
GONCALVESFrank E.S2cFamily Found  
GONZALESTranquilino Jr.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
2/12/88 Tranquilino Gonzales, S2c
GOODWINHarrison G.S2cDeceased7/23/62 
GORGENArthur H.S2cCan not find  
GORISEKLudwig V.S2cDeceased8/?/53 
GREENDavid F.Y1cDeceased11/20/44
GROUNDWATERJohn W., Jr.F1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/20/44John Groundwater, F1c
GUERRIEROJohn M., Jr.S2cDeceased6/22/92Guerriero, John M., Jr., S2c
HAMMONDJames P., Jr.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
12/21/2004James P. Hammond, S2c
HARDINJoseph V.MM2cDeceased11/20/44
HASKINSJunior C.S1cSailor FoundJunior Haskins, S1c
HERRINGDINECharlie E.S2cDeceased9/7/93
HERRINGTONWilliam T.F1cDeceased11/20/44 Herrington, William T., F1c
HINTONVernon R.S2cCan not find 
HOELLAndrew P.RM2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
7/15/2016Andrew Hoell, RM2c
HOPPERIsaac D.EM3cDeceased11/10/94
HORRIGANJohn Jo.S1cDeceased2/7/72
HORVATHFrank J.S2cCan not find Frank Horvath, S2c
HOWENSTINEMilan A.SF3cCan not find 
HUBBARDMiles E.F1cDeceased11/2?/44 
HURDWilliam J.S2cDeceased7/17/89
HURLEYJames W.F1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
HUSSGeorge W.RM3cSailor FoundGeorge Huss, RM3c
IGLESIASLouis (n)F1cCan not find 
JANASWilliam P.F2cDeceased11/22/86William Janas, F2c
JARAMILLOArthur B.S3cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
JARRETTClaude E.S1cDeceased11/20/44 
JAYNESThomas H., Jr.Y3cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
JESSIELuchious J.StM1cDeceased11/20/44Jessie, Luchious J., StM1c
JOHNSONAndrew J.MM1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
1/30/2007Andrew Johnson, MM1c
JOHNSONCharles F.S2cDeceased11/20/44
JOHNSONRobert A., Jr.SK3cDeceased11/20/44
JOHNSONStanley C.F1c(MM)Sailor Found/
Now Deceased
3/26/2015Stanley Johnson, F1c(MM)
JOHNSTONHarry F.CM2cDeceased7/29/66
JONASRussell LeeF2cDeceased4/8/71Russell Lee Jonas, F2c
JONESRobert F.F1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
JOSEPHKenneth M.EM3cCan not find  
KASALAEdward J.FC3cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/17/2009Edward Kasala, FC3c
KATRENICSteve (n)S2cSailor Found Steve Katrenic, S2c
KEEFEArthur A.SC2cDeceased2/20/69
KENNEDYFrank J.GM2cDeceased7/14/76
KESNERJimmie L.GM2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2009Jimmie Kesner, GM2c
KESSINGERRobert J.S2cDeceased11/20/44
KIMBELRobert F.WT2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased11/20/44Robert Kimbel, WT2c
KINSLEREdward P.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
KINZERPaul M.S2cDeceased9/21/68Paul Kinzer, S2c
KIRBYLloyd J.S2cDeceased4/21/88 Lloyd J. Kirby, S2c
KIRKJames L.S2cDeceased11/2?/44S2c James Lovell Kirk
KLINDERARobert O.WT2cDeceased9/15/86 
KLUGKenneth C.SF3cDeceased12/21/64
KOPPNathan J.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
7/17/2018Nathan Kopp, S2c
LAMOCKMarcel J.Bkr2cDeceased11/20/44
LARDNERChester A.SF3cDeceased7/12/2003Chester Lardner, SF3c
LESTEREverett W.SC3cDeceased9/12/70  
LETZGUSGeorge H.EM2cDeceased5/29/92 
LEWISJames C.MM2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/16/2014James Lewis, MM2c
LIPSKYJohn (n)S1cDeceased8/31/90John Lipsky, S1c
LIUPAKKAPeter (n)CoxDeceased11/20/44Peter Liupakka, Cox
LIVEAKOSGust (n)MM1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
2/21/2008Gus Liveakos MM1c
LOEWENPhilip S.QM2cCan not find 
LUTZFrank T.CCS(PA)Deceased11/20/44Lutz, Frank T., CCS(PA)
LYDAYPaul (n)F1cDeceased9/7/78
MAGETT,Roosevelt StM1CDeceased 11/20/44  Roosevelt Magett, StM1c
MAGGIANI,Robert H.CM2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
5/?/87 Robert Maggiani, CM2c
MAHER,John J., Jr.Sk1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/20/44 Jack Maher, SK1c
MAIR,John A., Jr.F2cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased 9/18/2005John "Jack" Mair, F2c
MANN,Lester H.S2cDeceased 9/18/83  
MANION,William P., Jr.S2cDeceased 11/11/97  
MANTOVANI,Guido E.CoxCan not find 
MARTINO,Joseph F.S1cDeceased 3/3/89 Martino, Joseph F., S1c
MARTISH,Walter W.F2cCan not find 
MASSEO,Nicholas J.S1cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased 8/19/95  Nicolas Masseo, S1c
McADOO,Francis K.F1cCan not find 
McCAFFREY,Robert B.S2c(RM)Sailor FoundMcCaffrey, Robert B., S2c(RM)
McCONE,G. H.PM2cDeceased 4/13/74  
McCRACKEN,Kelly T., Jr.PhM1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
8/31/2004Kelly McCracken PhM1cR
McFADDEN,Leo G.S1cDeceased 3/6/81
McGARITY,James B.S2cCan not find
McGOVERN,Francis J.MM2cDeceased 8/29/69
McLAUGHLIN,Louie K.S2cDeceased 3/4/62
McMILLAN,David L.F2cCan not find 
MILLER,Miah "A"CMM(AA)Deceased 6/5/97
MILLS,Richard (n)MM3cDeceased 2/23/95
MITCHELL,Edward A., Jr.EM1cDeceased 11/20/44
MOAD,William M.Y2cCan not find
MOFFATT,James W.F1cDeceased 11/2?/44
MOLNAR,George H.BM1cSailor Found
MORAN,Peter M.S1cDeceased 11/20/44
MORGAN,Tracey P.F2cDeceased 4/27/79
MORIN,Louis (n)S2cDeceased 7/28/97
MORRIS,Joe G.F1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/2/2011Joe Morris, F1c
MURPHY,John J., IIICBM(AA)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
5/1/87John J. Murphy, CBM
OCKERMAN,Elmer D.SK1cDeceased10/1/83
O'CONNELL,Daniel P.S2cDeceased 3/6/71
OVERFIELD,Paul L.S1cDeceased 2/10/90
PALUMBO,Alexander W.S1cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
7/14/80 Palumbo, Alexander W., S1c
PAYNE,Hal T.MM1cDeceased 11/20/44
PEAK,Calvin R.S1cDeceased 4/30/81  
PEPPERS,Raleigh A.ST3cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
5/27/2003Raleigh A. Peppers, ST3c
PERNA,Leonard M.S1cDeceased 7/18/86
PESCE,Carmen J., Jr.S1cCan not find 
PHELAN,Thomas J., Jr.S1cDeceased 4/4/56
PHILLIPS,Eddie N.SM3cDeceased 1/5/80 Phillips, Eddie N., SM3c
PORCARO,Pellegrino (n)MM3cDeceased 1/22/45
PORTER,John W.F1cDeceased 3/19/67 John Porter, F1c
PYATT,Hickory E.F1cDeceased 4/28/91
PYLE,Charlie L.CSK(PA)Sailor Found/
Now Deceased
7/29/2000Charlie Pyle, CSK(PA)
RANKIN,Lester B.CY(PA)Deceased 2/6/94 Lester Rankin, CY(PA)
REEDER,James "A"CK2cDeceased 3/4/76 Reeder, James "A", CK2c
RICHARDS,John Oscar, Jr.CRM(PA)Can not find 
RITCHIE,Harold S.S1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
ROBERTS,Orlando F.MoMM2cDeceased11/20/44Orlando Roberts, MoMM2c
ROSELL,Irving HaroldS1cDeceased 1/25/80  
ROSENSHEIN,Oscar (n)F1c(MM)Family Found/
Sailor Deceased
RUWELL,William F.SK2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
8/20/2004William Ruwell, SK2c
SARACINOOswaldo, J.B1cDeceased3/29/90
SAVARDJoseph E.WT2cDeceased4/20/70
SAVOIECharles F.B2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
SCHAUFUSFrederick G.MM2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
4/18/2003Frederick Schaufus, MM2c
SCHICKFrederick J.BM1cCan not find 
SCHRODTERHerman P.S1cCan not find 
SHARKEYJohn A.SC1cCan not find 
SIDEBOTTOMJohn (n)MM3CDeceased9/20/86
SMITHVonzo (n)GM1cDeceased4/16/80Vonzo Smith, GM1c
SMITHCharles E.CoxSailor Found/
Now Deceased
SMITHEdmund C.CWTFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
11/20/44Edmund "Smitty" Smith, CWT
SMITHEdward E.F2cDeceased2/12/82
SMITHGerald T.S1cDeceased11/20/44
SMITHERSWilliam V.S2cDeceased5/29/89 
SOYLeo JohnRM3cDeceased2/26/98 Leo Soy, RM3c
STACKThomas R.RT3cCan not find 
SZCZUCEdmund S.S2cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
4/21/85Edmund Szczuc, S2c
THEMMRichard R.S1cDeceased7/19/90Richard Themm, S1c
THOMASAlvin R.CoxCan not find 
THOMASClyde L.S1cDeceased11/20/44
THOMPSONJohn L.S2cCan not find 
THOMPSONPhilip J.QM2cDeceased9/4/94
THOMPSONSamuel B.S1cDeceased4/8/80
TIMONEYLeland E.S1cDeceased6/20/95
TRADEREdward T.Stm2cDeceased1/11/86 
TUTTLEEarl A.CoxDeceased12/20/75
UPCHURCHPaul T.S2cDeceased5/31/2000Paul Upchurch, S2c
VAN ORDENEarle R.S1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
9/28/2013Earl Van Orden, S1c
VENNCharles A.CM1cDeceased11/20/44 
VENTRILLOJames M.S1cDeceased1/5/95
VIGLIOTTAEdward M.S1cDeceased11/20/44 
VOLTZKenneth R.S1c (FCR)Sailor Found/
Now Deceased
VULGAMORERobert A.F1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
10/30/2001 Robert Vulgamore, F1c
WALLERHarold E.M2c (T)Deceased11/8/93 
WALSHONBernie A.S1cDeceased11/15/90
WALTERSWilliam C.EM3cDeceased11/20/44William Walters, EM3c
WARDCarnel L.CK2cCan not find 
WARRENNathaniel (n)ST3cDeceased1/27/85Warren, Nathaniel, St3c
WASHICHEKPhilip V.AerM2cDeceased3/10/98 
WETTERHALLRobert R.GM3cFamily Found/
Sailor Deceased
2/22/76Robert Wetterhall, GM3c
WHEELERFrank R.S1cDeceased11/20/44
WHITEWilliam E.MM3cCan not find 
WHITTENWinston, W.MM1cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
5/22/2013Winston Whitten, MM1c
WILCOXFrank J., Jr.S2cSailor Found/
Now Deceased
1/2/2008Frank J. Wilcox, Jr., S2c
WILCOXKeith H.S2cDeceased7/3/94
WILLIAMSWarren A.MM1cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased 
WINTERRobert H.QM3cDeceased10/13/98
WOODHOUSEWilliam T.F1cDeceased1944 
YEIDAHenry L.S1cDeceased10/?/51
YOUNGArthur J.PhM2cCan not find Arthur Young, PhM2c
ZELINSKIStanley J.F1cFamily Found/Sailor Deceased7/2003 


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