USS Mississinewa AO-59

Crew Photo Pages

Below are sections of the photos with those sailors labeled who have been identified.  If you see someone you know who is not labeled, please contact Ron Fulleman. As of 11Sept2021, 89 men have been identified in this photo.

Crew ID'd in Photo Section
(Last Name, First Name - Rating/Rank)
Photo Section
Brown, William - Ens.
Canavan, P.F. - Ens.
Chodzin, Eugene - F1c
Costa, Andrew J. - S2c
Deen, Jacob Burton - CQM(AA)
Gilbert, Ernest - Lt.
McCollister, Charles - Ens.
Murphy, John J., III - CBM
Walsh, Clarence - Bos'n

Brown, Canavan, Chodzin, Costa, Deen, Gilbert, McCollister, Murphy, Walsh
Crew Photo Section A
Adkinson, Charles E. - CEM
Beck, Philip - Captain.
Halper, Howard - Lt.
Kirk, James L. - S2c
Kopp, Nathan - S2c
Lewis, Robert - Lt.
Roberts, Orlando F. - MoMM2c
Smith, Edmund - CWT
Stutzman, Frederic - Lt.jg
Allen, Herbert - Lt. jg.
Bell, Al - M1c
Bierley, John - Lt.
Boutiette, Harold - F1c
DeSantis, Joseph - S2c
Fulleman, Raymond - WT2c
Groundwater, John W., Jr. - F1c
Johnson, Stanley C. - F1c (MM)
Kuhn, William - Lt.
Lutz, Frank Thomas - CCS
Masseo, Nicholas J. - S1c
Pyle, Charlie L. - CSK (PA)
Rankin, Lester B. - CY (PA)
Rowe, Robert - Lt.
Wilson, Wallace - Lt. jg.

Allen, Bell, Bierley, Boutiette, DeSantis, Fulleman, Groundwater, Johnson, Kuhn, Lutz, Masseo, Pyle, Rankin, Rowe, Wilson
Crew Photo Section C
Bochow, Howard - F1c
Caison, - StM2c
Delio, John - S2c
DeRosa, Peter - S2c
Fuller, James - Lt. jg
Glean, Duire - StM1c
Jessie, Luchious - StM1c
Jonas, Russell - F2c
Magett, Roosevelt - StM1c
Peppers, Raleigh - St3c
Reeder, Charles - CK2c
Schaufus, Fred - MM2c  ?
Skibbe, Bernard - Pay Clk
Trader, Edward - StM2
Warren, Nathaniel - StM3c

Bochow, Caison, Delio, DeRosa, Fuller, Glean, Jessie, Jonas, Russell, Roosevelt, Peppers, Reeder, Schaufus, Skibbe, Trader, Warren
Crew Photo Section D
Baumert, Donald C. - S2c
Brautigam, Robert W. - RM3c  ?
Cooley, Eugene - S2c
Corraro, Michael R. - S2c  ?
DeMarco, Rocco - S2c
Fritz, Lloyd G. - GM3c  ?
Herrington, William T. - F1c
Phillips, Eddie - SM3c
Smith, Vonzo - GM1c
Whetterhall, Robert R. - GM3c

Baumert, Brautigam, Cooley, Corraro, DeMarco, Herrington, Phillips, Smith, Whetterhall
Crew Photo Section E
Burke, Norbert D. - S1c(SK)
Cook, Roland - S2c
Cooley, Eugene, S2c
Cummings, Leo - M3c
Dineen, Bernard A. - S2c  ?
Girga, Andrew T. - SC2c
Gonzales, Tranquilino, Jr. - S2c
Huss, George W. - RM3c
Kimbel, Robert - WT2c
Mair, John "Jack"; - F1c
McCaffrey, Robert B. - S2c(RM)
Palumbo, Alexander W. - S1c

Burke, Cook, Cummings, Dineen, Girga, Gonzales, Huss, Kimbel, Mair, McCaffrey, Palumbo
Crew Photo Section F
Brzykcy, Florian "Bill" - F2c
Carelli, Vince - Cox
Clark, John Calvin - GM2c
Cybulski, Frank J. - S2c
Dadura, Andrew "Red" - S2c
Daitch, Herbert - S2c
Hammond, James P. - S2c
Maggiani, Robert - CM2c
Ruwell, William - SK2c

Brzykcy, Carelli, Clark, Cybulski, Dadura, Daitch, Hammond, Maggiani, Ruwell
Crew Photo Section G
Atkins, John - FC3c
Cuevas, Fernando - S2c
D'Anna, John - S2c
Dennis, David - S2c  ?
DiFondi, Eugene A., Sr. - S2c
Eppinger, Melvin N. - MM3c
Katrenic, Steve - S2c
Liupakka, Peter - Cox
Whitten, Winston - MM1c

Atkins, Cuevas, D’Anna, Dennis, DiFondi, Eppinger, Katrenic, Liupakka, Whitten
Crew Photo Section H
Correia, Frank T. - S2c
Goldsmith, Kenneth - S2c
Guerriero, John - S2c
Wilcox, Frank - S2c
Correia, Goldsmith, Guerriero, Wilcox Crew Photo Section I
Last updated 11September2021rf

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