USS Mississinewa AO-59

Kaiten Kensho-kai

The Kaiten Kensho-kai is a group of relatives of the former Kaiten pilots and submariners, lost in WWII and those involved with the Kaiten program. We would like to express our gratitude to the Kaiten Kensho-kai group for funding the generous effort to publish "Kaiten" in Japanese.

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Historical photos of events/people related to Kaiten

Kaiten Kensho-kai 10Nov2019 Memorial Ceremony photos

Each year, since 1962, bereaved relatives of Kaiten pilots and crew, along with interested parties have met to honor the memory of the departure of the first Kaiten pilots on 9 November 1944.  These pilots and submarine crews were giving/risking their lives for their country, just as the American military risked their lives for their country. The 10 November 2019 ceremony, where author Mike Mair spoke, was the first time a foreigner addressed the group.

People connected to the Kaiten Kensho-kai

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